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Murex Labs Institute is a privately held institute with laboratories located in Beirut, Lebanon. The institute was initiated by a group of Lebanese experts to fill the gap of the private sector level in environmental, water and waste water, soil and food analysis in our community. Our goal is to provide the highest quality analysis and services in the industry, environment, agriculture and public health. We support a full range of professionals and organizations including industrial companies, environmental specialists, schools, hospitals, building owners, engineering and construction firms, farms and farmers. Clients also include governmental agencies, NGOs and universities.

Murex Labs specialize in the analysis of environmental, water, soil and food samples. We analyze samples for fungi and bacteria, essential elements, chemical composition and chemical contaminants.
  1. We provide analysis for:

  • Microbiological Analysis
Detection and counting of Microorganisms (Bacteria and Fungi) in:
Waste water
Environmental samples

  • Chemical Analysis
Determining concentrations of:
Minerals in water
Oxygen demand
Total nitrogen
Total organic carbon
Fatty acids
Organic volatile impurities
Pesticides, fungicide, herbicides and antibiotics
Environmental samples

  • Molecular Analysis
Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in food and food products
Also, we provide services for scientists and institutes concerning sample collection  and sampling strategies. Our scientists have a respectable experience in statistics and biostatics and we are able to provide services in data analysis, statistics and biostatistics.

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